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At Comprehend the Mind, we specialize in neuropsychological assessments for adults and children. Through an thorough process, we design an evaluation specifically around you. Whether it is for school, work, life, or even for legal reasons, CtM has the reliable tools and experience to advocate for your needs. We don’t just diagnose; we help you thrive with a healthier, happier life.

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what we do

The Whole-Person Approach

We take a tailored, whole-person approach to testing, diagnosis, and treatment.
Our clinical team uses a tested and proven formula of personalized history, standardized testing tools, up-to-date research, and treatments to assess our patients. In turn, we provide you with comprehensive answers and insights into your challenges and empower you to navigate the path ahead with clarity.

We diagnose and offer treatment plans for conditions including:

Learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia)

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD)


Mood disorder

Anxiety disorders


Bipolar disorder

Schizophrenia and Psychosis

Memory disorders

Speech and Language, executive dysfunction

To ensure accessibility to assessments and evaluations, we accept most major insurance plans and offer competitive private-pay rates, while prioritizing flexible and timely scheduling.

common concerns

The Search for Clarity

You have been through a revolving door of mental health professionals without getting a clear answer.

Therapy and/or medication have been ineffective.

Your child’s teachers have complained over the years but never provided help.

It's not one thing; your school, work, and home life are all hurting. You need lasting results.

Most practices don't take insurance, and you can't afford the cost of an assessment.

Most offices are backed up, and it's nearly impossible to get an evaluation appointment.

As an adult, you can finally seek help that may have been frowned upon when you were a child (many families and cultures still have a stigma around mental health).


Customized Evaluations and Assessments

At Comprehend the Mind, we tailor evaluations and assessments to the specific needs of our patients. Once testing is completed, rather than providing a simple statement of our findings, our team provides detailed reporting and expert recommendations.

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A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment tests brain functions, including memory, learning, attention, and cognitive ability, while also accounting for psychiatric, social-emotional, and genetic factors. This is the most common and comprehensive of all the evaluations.

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Educational evaluations are designed to help a student succeed by assessing their strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, as well as any learning disorders such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. This evaluation will also reveal any other factors at play, such
as processing speed and
memory issues.

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Mental Health

When mood disorders, anxiety, anger, behavioral problems, or other issues are a concern, a comprehensive mental health assessment can provide guidance on the right course of therapy and/or medication.

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Fitness for Duty

The Psychiatric Fitness-for-Duty Examination (FFDE) provides unbiased information that can be used to help determine the ability of an individual to safely and effectively perform their job. We offer this examination for both individuals and their employers (e.g. law enforcement, military, teachers).

Comprehend The Mind Image Forensic Expertise

Forensic Expertise

We offer forensic evaluations and expert witness testimony in multiple areas:

Personal and catastrophic injury

Immigration and hardship (N-648, medical waiver)

Medical malpractice

Child custody

Special education

Guardianship Article 17

Medical Clearance

Bariatric surgery

Gender reassignment and affirmation surgery

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about us

We’re Known for Making a Difference

Comprehend the Mind Founder, Dr. Sanam Hafeez works hand in hand with our team of skilled clinicians and staff in our Queens-based office. An esteemed authority in her field, Dr. Hafeez is frequently called upon by national media outlets to provide insight and analysis in the fields of neuropsychology, neurodiversity, and emerging issues in mental health.

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Dr. Sanam Hafeez


"Excellent experience. Felt very comfortable. Highly recommend . Staff was very nice and professional. My son will be having his evaluation here."

Michael V.

"Amazing. I felt heard, and no time was wasted. Really appreciate Dr. Hafeez!"

Heather R.

"The entire staff went above and beyond to help me and my child."

Crosbis G.

"She gave us her undivided attention, asked questions, answered all our concerns, and took her time to get to know us. I highly recommend her and her staff."

Rachelle R.

"Dr. Hafeez is clearly an expert in her field. She was able to explain things to me in patient-friendly terms that not many other doctors have been able to explain clearly. She took her time with my child and me, and truly seems to have my child's wellbeing at heart."

Daylahni J.

"Dr. Hafeez was warm, incredibly informative and insightful, and not only gave me techniques during our session, but showed me the testing I will have, which is very expensive without insurance. I left with a lot of clarity about the problems that have plagued me since childhood, and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel."

Samantha T.

"Very nice and understanding, helped a lot in finding a good treatment plan. The office is eager to help, whether it be scheduling an appointment or giving you references for doctors under your insurance."

Taylor B.

"She was very helpful, encouraging and warm. The consultation was not rushed, and she really gave the attention needed. In order to meet my schedule, she was very accommodating with making the follow-up appointment."

Bilal B.

"It was great! I really feel like finally I found someone that understands. I am looking forward to my next visit."

Myrna M.

"Dr Hafeez was very thorough, as well as kind. Recommend her to anyone needing evaluation."

Isabell I.

"Everyone in the office was very knowledgeable and great. I will always recommend them to my friends, family, and coworkers, and anyone who needs their services."


"Dr. Hafeez is amazing! Everything she has told me is on point. Not only does she assess, but she tries to help and really goes above and beyond. I would recommend her any day."


"I had an incredible experience with Dr. Hafeez and her center. Firstly, they take insurance, which is unheard of for assessments. The process was thorough, and the office advised me of all my financial obligations upfront."

Samantha T.